Family Office Services

Helping Families Thrive and Flourish

We believe that a family’s wealth consists of much more than just its financial wealth; it is also about each of its member’s ability to thrive and flourish. In an ever-changing complex world, families with significant wealth face many challenges to maintaining their upward trajectory across multiple generations. Multiple entities, trusts, investments and properties gradually evolve into a full-blown enterprise that becomes time consuming and challenging to manage properly. The complexity of the financial wealth is further compounded as a family grows across generations. Multiple households in multiple states and multiple generations with diverse interests and values also contribute to a challenging environment to maintain a family’s success.

A Comprehensive Suite of Services to Manage Your Family’s Wealth

When all aspects of your family’s wealth are managed in a coordinated and proactive manner, a greater sense of control and clarity is achieved, allowing you to focus on what is important.

In our experiences working with wealthy families, we have found that the most successful families manage all aspects of their wealth as a family enterprise. That is to say they apply the same concepts they use to grow their business to their personal wealth. A well-run family office, acting as the family’s CFO and COO, is the cornerstone for managing family’s human and financial wealth. Because each family’s human and financial wealth evolve differently and have different structures, every family office must be unique to meet the needs of the family it serves.

Designed around this philosophy, RKL Wealth Management offers a comprehensive suite of advisory and administrative services to enhance and support a family’s existing team of advisors and family office. Our services can be specifically tailored to not only meet your most pressing needs today, but also tailored to grow with your family.

  • Financial Planning & Risk Management
  • Integrated Personal, Trust & Entity Income Tax Planning
  • Multi-Generational Wealth Transfer Planning
  • Family Governance, Coaching & Legacy Planning
  • Philanthropic Strategy
  • Business Succession Planning
  • Trust & Estate Administration
  • Corporate Trustee Services
  • Comprehensive Financial Reporting & Bill Pay
  • Foundation Management
  • Family Office Formation & Operations
  • Coordinated Personal Trust & Entity Income Tax Compliance
  • Investment Management & Consulting
  • Private Equity Consulting
  • Total Asset Allocation & Risk Assessment
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