Tax Planning

Bringing All the
Pieces Together

Better financial decisions result from understanding your full financial picture. And no financial plan is complete without considering the tax implications of your investment and wealth management approach. All financial decisions have tax consequences – consequences that can greatly diminish the growth and sustainability of your financial plan.

At RKL Wealth Management, we work closely with the respected tax experts at RKL to review your entire financial picture and ensure you understand the economic and tax consequences of implementing investment, compensation and wealth transfer strategies. By calculating and planning tax liabilities, we may help you find opportunities to increase your overall net worth and cash flow both in your working years and in retirement.

  • Evaluation of the overall tax impact on investment decisions and complex investment opportunities
  • Proper planning for making investments through family partnerships, trusts and individual ownership
  • Review of charitable gifts to maximize potential tax benefits
  • Examination of the tax implications of your estate plan
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